Product Development

Working together is better

Our extended teams allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable.
On top of this, having a dedicated local contact makes communication a breeze.

Cloud First

AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku

Local Contact

Solution Architect / BA

Experienced Devs

Only senior developers

Increase Delivery

Readily available teams

Secure Facilities

24 hr surveilance

We care !

Our goal is your success

How Does It Work?

This is our recommended process.



Write your requirements

Your company collects the requirements of the software that is to be developed to ensure your expectations are met. If needed our local architect can help out with this after a contract has been signed.


Contract signing

We sign a contract stating team size, length of the project and areas of responsibilities



Development begins

Our local architect analyses the requirements and starts creating a backlog of development tasks


Continuous demos and partial deliveries

During the project we have demos and code delivieries to make sure requirements are met and to show what progress has been made. We follow up on requirements on a regular basis to ensure they are part of coming deliveries



Final delivery and support

A final delivery is handed over and our support organisation takes over maintenece if there is such need.

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